Monday, November 19, 2012


"Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good, His love endures Forever!"  Ps 107:1


This is the bible verse the kiddos and I are learning right now. They are so cute when they sing it  blesses my soul. I know I am "to be" thankful for all things including the not so good things, because often those things I perceived as "bad" God uses for good!
Just recently I experienced an eye opening morning. I saw things I had only "seen" on TV. I saw poverty, desperation, broken spirits,& mental illness more than that, I saw someone’s sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and friend living on the streets. I saw a 3 yr old little boy in a brown jacket walking away from me, I won't soon forget. My heart breaks for him knowing that if he remains on the streets he will get caught in the mad web of street life. Seeing that child living in such away makes me understand why some amazing people choose to foster and adopt.

One fellow in his 20's (Mr. Smiles) as I will call him, was walking around with an awesome shirt that read "My life before Jesus (sad face) My life with Jesus (happy face)". Mr. Smiles had a paper plate with "SMILE" written on it.  He would smile at you and then hold up his sign.  Later he walked by and said 214.  I had to ask of course  "What is 214?" It was how many smiles he had received that morning. Wow, all he had, was the clothes on his back & his backpack he carried.  He was quietly walking around bring cheer to others.  A smile is simple, it's free and it lifts the heart. Giving thanks to the Lord is hard to do without a smile. Jesus has brought "Mr. Smiles" joy and he is going around sharing that joy, by encouraging others to smile. Amazing!!!

 So, as I approach Thanksgiving and I offer thanks to the Lord for He is good, I’m going to slow down remember the simple things & SMILE.  The best things in life are “Free” smiles, the view of a beautiful sunrise or sunset, the deep belly laugh of a child, the tight embrace from someone you love, the smell of a fresh flower, the grip of a small hand around yours, dancing in the rain, a kind word spoken, holding a newborn baby, & God’s incredible love he has for us. I knew before my “eye opening morning” I was blessed, but I had no idea how incredibly blessed I truly am.  God is good!

The gift of forgiveness and Grace, offered to us through Jesus Christ must be accepted.  It does you no good to take a gift and  never open the nicely wrapped package.  Jesus wants to walk in relationship with you and me.  This relationship is what I missed for so long.  I accepted the gift of salvation but didn’t understand the gift of relationship Jesus wanted to have with me.  Sometimes I get too consumed with what is going on around me that I don’t realize I’ve not thanked Jesus for the blessings of that day.  Slowing down & giving thanks helps me to relax and realize that whatever is so big at the moment isn’t that big of a deal in the light of eternity.  I have a song I like to sing as I do mundane chores, that really lifts my heart. 


Thank you Jesus,
Thank you, thank you Jesus!
Thank you Jesus,
Thank you, thank you Jesus!

Keeping it all in perspective is so critical!  Remembering it’s not about me and that it’s about God is keeping it real.  I have new people to pray for and a new gratitude for my life! So this season, join me in looking for the small things in  life and praise God for them.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5k ....Who Me?

I can remember running the "MILE" in elementary school, I think I was sick at least once just because the thought  of running in PE made me sick!  Not to mention the painful side stitches I got.  I hated to sweat, not that I love it now but I tell myself  "sweat is my fat crying" (thanks Shannon)  Run...who me?  I have said over and over "I'll NEVER run unless I'm being CHASED".    This picture above was ME, o yes! 

My new neighbor who is a lot of fun to hangout with asked me to run with her, I said "NO"!  I don't want people to see me run/jog.  She asked several times and I finally said "YES", I'll give it a try.  I had been running on my own just because I was wanting more of a challenge than the walking I had been doing.  We began in July 2012.  We used the "Couch-to-5k" program  It was hard! Hard at week 1, hard at week 2, hard at week 3 and harder at week 4  (I was on week 4 for about 3 or 4 wks).  But finally I was able to push past that plateau.  We decided to register for a 5k .  Tiara 5k,  it was a fun run (run or walk) and when you finished you were given a TIARA and a BOA! Yes bling.....I'm in! 
Found via Pinterest at
We continued to train and build our endurance in the 6 weeks we had before the big day!  Things were going great! And then I inherited my nickname "CRASH"  I got a new pair of running shoes they looked great, felt awesome, make me run faster and jump higher (like Luke's new shoes) and they are longer.  Then it happened the big wipe out, I jumped up and ran off fast hoping no one saw me! I wish I could say that was the last time it happened but it wasn't. I did it again one week before our 5k.  I have learned the HARD WAY to pick up my toes!
So the BIG day came and we were ready! Ready as we could be. We had matching outfits and monogrammed skirts, daisy hair bows with rindstones in the middle we were "looking good"! I was excited and nervous!!! How much fun would it be if I fell at the beginning and was tramped by the stampede of serious runners!?! Well it turned out fine the serious runners were long passed me by the time I had taken 10 strides! ha   I didn't care "Whether it is a 14 minute mile or a 7 minute mile its still a mile "I" RAN"! 
It was fun! Training  wasn't much fun, it hurt, took dedication, willpower, sacrifice, but reaching the GOAL was worth it!  Thank you Shannon for being my partner, for joining me in this fight.  God has shown me that I can still accomplish goals! That I have a great friend who challenges me to a healthier lifestyle.  I felt like I was just a wife and a mom.  That is all I need to worry with, but my health is important! Setting a healthy examples for my children is huge!  Yeah we made it! 
If you are looking to get fit now or in 2013 start small!  I started walking 3x's a week in July 2011, running a minute walking a minute in spring time of 2012.  It wasn't until Shannon challenged me in July and now I can run!  It's not a half marathon 13miles, by any stretch of the imagination but its a start for me! My power verse for hard days of running was Phil 4:13... "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".   This can also be your power verse and YOU  can do it!  If I can so can you! I'm here and will cheer you on if you need a cheerleader! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I have NO idea what I am doing!  I'm trying to blog against my better judgement.  I found a really cute layout and so I thought why not give it a try!

Today I have spent way too much time on the compute mostly do to Pintrest! Yup, I'm an addict!  Ok so I'm gonna try 2 new recipes for MOPS in the morning.  Gonna work on updating my prayer journal and children's prayer journals (what I pray for them, and keep quotes as well as fun stuff ). 

Kayla and Jamie you are an inspiration to me....Blogging seems like to much for me since I don't have the gift of writing! Ask Kayla she loves my penmanship...(inside joke)!!!

If this layout works here is the site if your intrested!

Recipes are:

Crescent Cinnomin Rolls
I'm going to use a pizza canned dough and roll the 2 edges together to the middle and then shape them in hearts! giving credit where it is do!

Pumpkin Spice Cake
1 box Spice Cake Mix
15 oz. can of pumpkin
½ cup water
I have made these many moons ago!  I think I will add chocolate chips to the batter also!

Ok so Who Knows what my Blog will look like in the future but thanks for reading today's entry! I better go to bed so my hubbie can!  He's a sweetheart he waits for me! :D

Favorite quote for the day!

Because someone doesn't
Love you the way you want them to
Doesn't mean they don't
Love you with all they have.